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A Year of Surprises

by Steve Cook

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season and have been able to slow down from the frenetic pace often associated with holidays. Every year at this time, I reflect on the past 12 months – victories, losses, lessons learned. This year had a couple of surprises.

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Our First College Student Is Graduating

by Steve Cook

Jacob has been in our education program for nearly eight years, and will be receiving a Bachelor of Science from the University of Lilongwe at the end of this school year.

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What I've Learned from Coffee for Education

by Steve Cook

I never really thought I would ever be interested in doing something like Coffee For Education. Yet, here I am wishing I would never have to leave.

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10 Years!

by Steve Cook

We founded Equitas in 2007 – 10 years ago last month. I visited Malawi in April 2008, and that trip would end up being one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

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Student Highlight: Alice Ostin

by Steve Cook

Alice is seven years old, seen here standing next to her younger sister Chris who is four. This is the first year she’s been able to attend school, as prior to the construction of M’bwezela Primary School.

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Why We Ran For Equitas

by Gabriel Coyle

We ran 100 miles in 28.5 hours. I know what you’re thinking, “Why? Why run from 6am on Saturday nonstop until Sunday at 10:30am?

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Suffer Well and Run Weary

by Thomas George

In my mind, I envisioned myself crossing the finish line with Gabe and Tim over and over and over. The goal of crossing that finish line to honor Nathan kept our bodies moving forward.

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More Classes Completed

by Steve Cook

I recently returned from another trip to Malawi. I saw, with great anticipation, progress on our Village Schoolhouse Project.

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One Day We Will Walk on Streets of Gold

by Lauren George

There is no way to adequately describe what it’s like to be in the Gadi/Mwape Village. And there are too many precious moments engraved on my heart to ever give it justice. But if I had to pick one phrase, it would be ‘as it is in heaven.’

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First Day of School

by Steve Cook

I stood in Gadi Village on the morning of September 5, 2016, looking through my tears at the beautiful faces surrounding me, and prayed for time to stop. I did not want that moment to end.