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My Letter to the Scholars of Gadi Village

by Ashley Sullivan

Scholars aren’t the only ones who can teach others about God. In fact, sometimes the least expected person is the one who knows God the best.

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School Starts This September

by Steve Cook

I recently received photos of the finished first and second grade classroom building of our Village Schoolhouse Project. Last July, I stood on this vacant land and saw only a pile of bricks. I am now amazed and overjoyed to see a completed structure in this space.

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The Road to Education

by Steve Cook

I received word this morning that the government has provided the funding for road development to our Village Schoolhouse (read a previous post about the name of the school). Classes begin September 5, and I will be there to witness 200+ first and second grade scholars setting foot on the floors of their new daytime home.

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Sharing The Burden

by Nathan George

For me, Equitas is about relationships. I was first made aware of Equitas when I met the founder at an art crawl in Charlotte, NC. He and his wife were good friends with my wife and she introduced us.

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I Have a Name

by Steve Cook

This photo is a screen grab from a video we recently posted about our Village Schoolhouse Project. When I was editing the footage, the sequence from which this particular frame was taken captured my attention.

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Student Highlight: Precious Banda

by Steve Cook

Precious is entering his third year of studies at Loungumadzi Community Day Secondary School approximately 30 miles from his home.

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by Jonathan George

As a middle school teacher, the beginning of the academic year is always an inspiring time for me – an all-time favorite, even. It’s the beginning of the year that is a blank slate of undiscovered potential, energy, and hope.

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Mphatso Rogers

by Steve Cook

Mphatso Rogers is from Sosola village and is 23 years old. He attended Mwatibu Community Day Secondary School.