03-22-2016 05:09 PM by Steve Cook

I recently received photos of the finished first and second grade classroom building of our Village Schoolhouse Project. Last July, I stood on this vacant land and saw only a pile of bricks. I am now amazed and overjoyed to see a completed structure in this space. Thanks to your generous giving, this September 5th, 200 young scholars from 21 villages will gather here to begin their education. The government has approved the building and is now adding the school to their system. They are ordering desks and supplies so classes can begin in September.

Our partners in Malawi asked me to provide a name for the school, which I did not consider lightly. After giving it much thought, I decided to name the school M’bwezela Junior Primary School. M’bwezela is the Chichewa (the native language of Malawi) word for Restoration. This school will restore dignity, health, opportunity and hope to the communities it serves.

When I told Joseph, our friend in Malawi overseeing development of the school, the name that was chosen, this was his reply:

“God places great value and potential in every one of us, and He uses education to polish that potential and make it beneficial to the person and his or her environment. Education restores the dignity in people. I, personally, relate very well to what you said about restoration of dignity. I am a living testimony of the transforming power of education.”

This was all the confirmation I needed that the name is good.