Gadi Village is only 2 miles from the nearest elementary school, but most children there are not able to start school until the age of 8 or 9. 2 miles is not a long way to walk for students in Malawi, but in this area there is a river that blocks the way, which forces children to walk 3 ½ miles to school. This is especially difficult during the wet season when the whole area becomes swampy and the shorter path is impassable, forcing them to walk 5 miles. So for half of the school year, students have to walk a muddy 5 mile path around the river, which is impossible for the smaller children. For many years, the people in the area have wanted to have an elementary school for the younger children, and the district government also agrees that this is a need.

Because we have spent the past seven years in community development in Gadi Village, Equitas has formed a strong relationship with the village and local government leaders, providing a foundation for partnership in our Village Schoolhouse Project. We are working under an agreement with the district government and the local chiefs that defines the roles played by each partner.

Donates land for school
Makes bricks for construction
Provides sand for construction

Provides building plans
Supervises construction to ensure standards are met
Assigns and pays teachers
Provides funding for maintenance of facilities

Gadi Village donated the land for the school, which will provide education for 21 villages, and the land has been approved by the district government. The chiefs have already organized their villages and made more than 65,000 bricks.

Equitas is founded on the notion that education is a viable and tangible means of empowering vulnerable people. When we cultivate scholars we create a healthier future for them and their communities. In 2015, we built a well to provide a reliable and safe water supply. Our goal for 2016 is the construction of a school block with two classrooms, toilets, a teacher’s house and enough classroom equipment and supplies for the school to open for two classes, grades 1 and 2, this September. Partner with us today to transform this community.