First Day of School

In September 2016, we were able to be at M'bwezera Primary School (read more about the name here) for the very first day of class. This video takes you on the journey with us.


This is a video we shot while raising funds for the initial phase of construction on our Village Schoolhouse. All children have aspirations, regardless of their upbringing or socioeconomic status.

Gadi Village

This is the greeting you receive when entering Gadi Village. The men Steve is hugging are Chiefs Gadi and Mwape. These are some of the happiest moments of our lives.

Chief Mwape

Children in Gadi and the surrounding villages are often unable to start school until they are eight or nine years old because of the long distance they are required to walk. Chief Mwape expresses his concern over this issue.


On a trip to Malawi in June 2014, we spent an afternoon with Henry, one of the students in our secondary education program. Henry did very well on his secondary school entrance exams, so he qualified for boarding school. He is very driven, and is focused on becoming an electrical engineer. I love how he says it: "it is my forecast."


When this video was shot in 2015, Cynthia Malone was a 15-year-old student in our education program in Malawi. She was in her first year of secondary school at Kaphirintiwa Secondary School. We spent an afternoon with Cynthia at school, net ball practice, pounding maize to remove the husks, working in the field picking ground nuts, and studying. She is living in Chimbala Village with her mother, five sisters and two brothers. Cynthia has a beautiful smile and is full of energy and potential.

Update: On our trip to Malawi in 2017, we met Cynthia at school, and she is now in her third year. We are excited to see where this young lady goes.


On our trip to Malawi in May 2013, we spent a day with Portiphar, one of the orphans in our education program. UNICEF defines orphan as a child who has lost one or both of his or her parents. We filmed Portiphar and his daily routine, so we can tell the story of what it's like to be an orphan in rural Malawi working hard to get an education.

Piedmont Walk 4 Ed

For the past four years, Piedmont IB Middle School has been organizing a walk event to raise money for our education initiatives. Somewhere between 150 and 200 students, parents, teachers, and school staff. The walk starts at Park Road Shopping Center, continues along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway for just under six miles, and ends at Piedmont Open IB Middle School near Midwood Plaza. The total raised by this wonderful effort is around $10,000 each year! That’s 33 orphans in rural Malawi who can receive a high school education. This is a video we shot the first year of the event.


In May of 2015, I had the privilege of spending a day with Felina, an orphan who was in our education program at that time. Felina lost both of her parents in 2007, and was living with her grandmother and cousin. This short film will give you a glimpse of what it's like to be an orphan working hard to survive and receive an education in a village in rural Malawi.